The hotel page will indicate whether breakfast is included in your reservation. Usually you can specify whether you would like to include breakfast with your reservation. If the hotel room always includes breakfast, there won't be an option to decline it.

If breakfast is not included in your reservation, you can add it during your stay. When checking in, simply ask the hotel front desk to add breakfast to your reservation.

Payment on the Moonback website covers the room (including breakfast, if selected) including VAT. Tourist tax, if applicable, will be paid separately upon arrival at the hotel.

Please make sure that the room and the conditions are the same. For example: is free cancellation allowed? If not, the initial fee may be less, but you risk losing the entire fee when you cancel. If the room is cheaper elsewhere, on the same date and with the same conditions, please contact us at support@moonback.com.

When you book as a traveler you do not pay a fee to Moonback. Only hotels that are directly affiliated with Moonback pay us a fee. Hotels pay a 10% fee when a guest books a room for the first time. If this same guest books at the same hotel again through Moonback, the hotel pays Moonback a 3% fee.

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