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The search results that Moonback presents are guaranteed to fit your needs. No hotel pays us to be at the top of the list of hotels that’s presented to you on our booking site. In fact, every hotel directly affiliated with us pays the same fee. We don’t hound you with notifications about how many rooms are still available or how many people ‘are currently looking at this room!’ Furthermore, there are no hidden costs such as booking or administration fees. We are open about how the fee you pay is structured.

Hotels that are directly affiliated with Moonback pay us a fee. Hotels pay a 10% fee when a guest books a room for the first time. If this same guest books at the same hotel again through Moonback, the hotel pays Moonback a 3% fee.

If we have job openings, you will find them on our jobs page. You are always welcome to express your interest in working for our team via hello@moonback.com.

We certainly welcome this opportunity. Please send us an email that includes your contact information and your Media Kit to press@moonback.com and one of our colleagues will reach out to you.

Yes! Please email press@moonback.com for more information.

Not yet. Right now you can find hotels, B&Bs, and hostels on Moonback.

Absolutely! Check moonback.com/events for more information.

Thank you for getting in touch! Please send an email with your request to press@moonback.com and one of our colleagues will contact you as soon as possible.

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