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Unhappy with the behaviour of the large OTA’s, Moonback envisions a fairer alternative.

One that helps hotels flourish rather than marginalising them. One that lets travellers experience your hospitality instead of frustrating it.

This is why we created Moonback.

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Here’s the deal

We have the following fee structure

  • 10% platform fee on the room price and 3% for returning guests.
  • 0% platform fee on meals & supplements, no matter how many supplements you offer.
  • No set-up fee before December 31st. After this date there is a €250 set-up fee.
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Our policies

There are a couple more things we do differently

Travellers pay upfront

We ask travellers to pay upfront. We support all regular debit cards, credit cards and most other payment methods.

Maintain your cancellation policy

You can maintain your existing cancellation policy. We trust you to make it simple and transparent.

Direct contact with guests

You will be able to have direct contact with your guests. Build your relationship with them without any obstacles.

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Moonback is landing city by city

To book with confidence, travellers want to experience that they’ve considered all the hotels at their destination that match their needs. That’s why Moonback grows city by city. We currently support hotels in Antwerp and Rotterdam, and will soon open in another major city in The Netherlands.

Would you like to be informed when we open in your city?

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Getting paid

Our payment & refund solution

Travellers pay upfront, at the moment of reservation. The payment goes directly into your hotel’s personal account at our Payment Service Provider (PSP), minus the platform fee for Moonback and the PSP fees.

The payment stays in your personal account until the cancellation period has passed, so any refunds can be made without a hassle. Once cancellation is no longer possible, the payment is automatically transferred to your bank account.

To give you the benefits described above, we work with Stripe as our Payment Service Provider (PSP). Their globally proven platform offers all major payment methods and can collect all payments. The Stripe transaction fee of 2% of the payment amount is an all-in fee that covers all the related transactions.

Joining is easy

Our onboarding process will guide you through the steps below.

Connect your channel manager or PMS

To simplify our connection efforts we use the OpenGDS platform. This Dutch platform currently supports 67 of the major systems. All we need to know is which systems you use, and we take care of the rest. Is yours not yet listed? Please let us know.

Open & connect a Stripe account

We ask you to open an account with Stripe, our Payment Service Provider, so we can smoothly transfer your guest’s payments and more. You can open an account directly from the Partner Portal.

Add your content, products & policies

With our easy-to-use Partner Portal you create property pages that really convey the character of your hotel. Don’t forget to add your personal touch in the description!


Help is always around the corner

Our support desk is eager to help out, so please do not hesitate to reach out. Email us at

Also, we are very interested to learn how we can improve the website and Partner Portal even further. If you would be interested in collaborating on the design of the websites or our services, please let us know!