Hotels and B&Bs from an external hotel database

Some of the accommodations listed on Moonback are not directly affiliated with Moonback, but rather, are obtained from an external hotel database. This type of database enables booking sites to conveniently offer a wide variety of accommodations. That’s why Moonback chose to offer this service to our clients as well – this allows us to present you with a wide and varied selection of accommodations in all the cities in which we operate.

The accommodations obtained from the external database do not yet benefit from Moonback’s way of doing business: our lower commissions, our fair conditions, and an excellent opportunity to showcase their hospitality.

These hotels and B&Bs can decide to become directly affiliated with Moonback – we welcome them with open arms! We offer them a genuine opportunity to strive for a more social platform economy together.

How does an external hotel database work?

A hotel database acquires hotel rooms on a large scale, at a competitive price. The database then resells these rooms to booking sites like Moonback. We then sell these rooms to you for a slightly higher price.

Who gets what?

Your payment is divided between:

  • The external hotel database (the purchase price)
  • Moonback (our commission)
  • The payment provider (about 2%)

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to disclose the specifics because of contractual agreements with the parties involved.

Of course, we would prefer this to be different. Therefore, we offer hotels and B&Bs an attractive alternative. Once they become directly affiliated with us, we can tell you exactly who gets what.

Do you represent a hotel or B&B?

When you are eager to benefit from Moonback’s opportunity, check out our information page for hotels and B&Bs.

Info for hotels and B&Bs

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