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  • So happy to have booked a hotel through Moonback in a way that is fair to us and to the hotel owner.
  • Both the website and the booking process are very pleasant.
  • Comparing hotels was a simple and organized experience. It’s nice to be able to book a hotel so easily.
  • The booking process was effortless and smooth.
  • It is so nice to look around on a website and book a hotel knowing it’s all good – there’s no catch.

Finally, a good alternative

Moonback shows that even booking sites can be fair to all.

  • Booking made easy; no distractions
  • No manipulated search results
  • Low commissions for all hotels
About our mission

Fair to travellers

  • ‘Hurry, 4 others are looking at this room!’. You won’t find anything like this on our website.
  • No manipulated search results. They match what you’re looking for.
  • Find events and activities near your hotel. How convenient!
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Fair to hotel owners

  • All hotels pay the same low commission when you book a room.
  • Paying more to stand out more? Not the Moonback way.
  • We put the focus back on hotels’ hospitality and pleasant customer contact.
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