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We are pulling out all the stops so that we are able to launch Moonback by mid-2021. Do you want to be the first to know when we are ready for lift-off?

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A breath of fresh air for the online market of hotel stays

The current market for hotel stays is broken. Moonback is here to bring back balance, providing a new booking environment that brings guests and hotel owners together. We’re not the middleman – we only support the booking process with fair rules for all players involved. With Moonback, guests are able to smoothly and easily book their stay – for which the chosen hotel pays us a fair platform fee. Guests and hotels can contact each other directly at all times. To us at Moonback, this is only natural. After all, Moonback is a crowd-funded and steward-owned company. For us, our mission always comes before profit.

These are the 5 principles that make us unique

Everything is subject to change, except for our mission to set a new standard for online platforms.

Making money is allowed, but not at all costs.

We separate profit rights and voting rights, and ensure our company cannot be acquired.

No stress! We believe in a positive user experience.

Fair play with everyone’s interests at heart.

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How it all started

Let's shake things up!

Start-up experience

Our team consists of experienced entrepreneurs that have successfully launched digital businesses before.

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Moonback is legally structured in a way that allows us to avoid the pitfalls our predecessors could not.

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Funded by the crowd

We couldn't have sourced our capital without the 1,524 people that believe in our mission just as much as we do.

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Join the movement

Our community is growing every day. Join us and stay up to date about all things Moonback. As soon as it is possible to book your next stay with us, you’ll be the first to know!

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An idea made into reality

In one year’s time.

Going viral

Niels’ message on LinkedIn reaches 2.5 million people. As you can imagine, this causes quite a stir!

Crowdfunding successful

With our Dutch crowdfunding campaign on CrowdAboutNow we collect a whopping 2 million euros of starting capital.

User demands

We research the needs of both travellers and accommodations for a new, fair booking platform.

From Beterboeken to Moonback

Our company gets a brand-new name, so we are better able to fulfil our international ambitions.

Under construction

We are designing and developing our booking platform and adding hotels to our selection.

Announcement of the first city

We announced Antwerp as the first city that guests can book their hotel stay in.


A group of crowd funders is first to test the booking website.

Ready for lift-off!

In September 2021, Moonback will be launched in one city. After that we will quickly expand to other cities.

Our team of experienced entrepreneurs is ready to make a change

Niels Meijssen


Mart Evers


Sabine te Braake


Iris Poetiray

Public relations

Marcel Roelants


Rianne Klaren

Operations & HR

Maarten Kappert

Product management

Bart Bergmeijer


Ilse Schippers


Johan Langendoen


Adam Kramer


Job van Stiphout


Michael Noom


Michiel Boertjes


Roos Baetings


Tim Logemann


Arjen Kroder

Project management

Cris van Hoogdalem

Project management

Fer Tummers

Chair advisory board

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